Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Town Hall meeting tonight at 7.30pm regarding the buiding of the pool steel tension structure

Tonight (Tuesday) at 7.30 pm there is a Town Council meeting that includes 2 items regarding our pool's building process. Please attend to show the Council that we meant it when we said we want this done properly this time. 

 The most important item on the agenda is with regard to the RFP process. An RFP process recognizes that different manufacturers may have different products that would meet the needs of our unique pool. These differences need to be analyzed, and an RFP process allows for the best analysis of performance, features and price.
With our unusual pool a "one size fits all" approach does not work. An RFP process would allow for far more scrutiny and an informed decision.

 Please attend tonight. Stay informed and stay active.

Tuesday, November 11th, 7.30 pm.

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