Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Plea

A plea. Our last fundraising push was for the Fall Festival. As many of you saw we were able to provide the undecided voters with facts and figures in the form of an informational brochure. With photos and columns it detailed the Solution to the Pool.
Our next major push is to get that information into the newspapers in the form of advertising. We will have two waves of advertising. Unfortunately it is very expensive. We are asking for donations for this. We feel very strongly that if the people of Cheshire have the facts about the Solution to the Community Pool they will confidently vote YES. There is a remarkable amount of incorrect information and opinion out there. We need to get the true facts to the voters.

We count on your generosity again. Please help us by clicking
Thank you for your support.

We are extremely grateful for all donations.

Community Pool and the disabled

The Community Pool is heavily used by people with disabilities. 
Its comfortable water temperature and adapted access is a huge positive.
Vote YES to the Pool Solution so that they
and for their families can continue to reap its benefits.