Thursday, June 13, 2013

How does the pool benefit you ????

 The greatest thing about our pool is that it serves so many in our community in so many ways. In chatting with several Friends this weekend at the bake sale we realized that the pool benefits us in so many different ways -
  •  a mother rehabbing from a knee injury,
  • a child with asthma building up stamina,
  • a place for a family to hang out together,
  • a man working on getting back into shape after too much time in an office chair,
  •  a stroke victim who loves the warm water and the freedom of movement in the water, grandparents bonding with kids, 
  • a teenager with a laser focus on a goal of college swimming.
  • all ages learning how to swim,
  • Zumba !!!!
  • and many, many more......
So many stories.
What is your story? How does the pool benefit you and your family?
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