Thursday, October 24, 2013

Politics - the shocking lack of knowledge.

Politics- Any talk of a seasonal /Summer only pool shows a remarkable lack of knowledge about our Community Pool. It is shocking that this is even being talked about.

As we all know the pool was designed to be indoors for 3 seasons, the pipes are not below freezing level and are in the concrete of the deck close to the pool bed. Blasting down to lower them is a costly and huge undertaking, and could damage the pool itself. A full winterization of the pool is a far more expensive endeavor than people realize. As well as trying to deal with the pipes there are 44 drains too that would have to be retrofitted. In addition the" Great Wall" is not designed to be open to the elements and has been for 2 winters already. Not to mention the revenue that is generated during the 9 months is completely lost, as is the business that impacts Main Street through swim families buying food, groceries, gas etc during their visits. Buttoning down for winter would have to be done each year at a significant cost. Additionally the education budget become directly impacted as the teams are bussed to practices and have to pay for costly pool practice time and meet hosting. Summer only pools require more maintenance, and decline and decay far quicker. Summer only is not a fiscally prudent option for the Town of Cheshire by any stretch of the imagination. It is a very bad decision. We've had enough of those already on this pool.

Every candidate with a rational mind should support the Pool Solution November 5th. It is a year round, viable, permanent solution for the town. Vote YES.