Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thank you !

Our official words of thanks. So proud of you all !!! The words below went out via email yesterday but here they are for all of you to read.
We are so happy that Cheshire voted Yes for the permanent solution for the Cheshire Community Pool. This is a great victory for our town. We finally have a solution that will allow the pool to be a year round facility for our whole community to use and enjoy.

Thank you to all of you. This victory was only possible because of the amazingly dedicated volunteers. People went door to door, stood outside grocery stores and at soccer fields, emailed and texted friends and neighbors and were relentless in the desire to convince voters that this was the right choice for Cheshire. There were times when we endured less than cordial debate. But we were undeterred. We knew this was right for our children and seniors and for all the residents of Cheshire.

Thank you so much for everything you all have done to make this campaign a success.

Friends of Cheshire Pool

 *If you have a sign on your lawn please consider taking it down as there is a Town ordinance related to how long political signs can remain up.
Results (unofficial)
Look what you did !! We won every district. This is what happens when you have a volunteer force that works tirelessly for good. Thank you all !!!

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