Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Festival Booth September 7th

Our big event this weekend is the Fall Festival. Friends of Cheshire Pool will be there ! We have a great booth location near the moon bounce We have ample brochures to hand out and some nice takeaways including recyclable grocery bags and stickers. In addition we have some good 'show and tell' features- a scaled model of the pool solution, and hopefully, with a crack audio-visual team, a virtual tour of the Pool Solution airing on a loop on a projector. Not too shabby considering the Council only sent this to referendum on August 27th Our group has been working really hard to be ready for this. The Fall Festival is a major community event. We have an opportunity to speak to many other booths, businesses, sports and civic groups, and get a chance to reach a true cross-section of the community. It's a great opportunity to get the facts to the voters. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday !