Monday, July 15, 2013

USA Olympians support our pool


When as many as eleven Olympic medalists and team members of the United States Olympic team retweet support for the Cheshire Community Pool you truly realize the caliber and national reach of our local swim teams. The picture that went viral in the swim world this week shows members of the local swim team who showed up at the Pool Evaluation Committee’s Public Information Session on June 27, 2013 standing outside Town Hall with signs of support.

With homemade signs and a poignant call for help intended to garner more support for our community pool, the kids posed for a picture that was tweeted out to the United States Olympic Team.  Olympians such as two time gold medalist Ricky Berens , six time Olympic medalists Rebecca Soni and Allison Schmitt retweeted a message from @FriendsofCCP getting the word out about our pool to even more people.

The Cheshire Community Pool has served as the home to two nationally recognized swim teams the Cheshire High School girls swim team and Cheshire YMCA Sea dogs.  These teams have brought pride to our community and help make Cheshire one of the best places to live in America.

The superstars of swimming who highlighted the message of support were Rebecca Soni -a 6 time Olympic medalist and holder of several world records, Ricky Berens who holds 2 gold medals and several world records, Allison Schmitt - 6 time Olympic medalist including 3 golds, Gold Medalist Tyler McGill, Breakout star Lia Neal bronze in 2012, Jessica Hardy- gold and bronze Olympic medalist and world record holder,  Kate Zeigler-world record holder,  Chloe Sutton -Olympian in both open water and pool events,  and Alyssa Anderson, , Camille Adams, Clark Burkle -all Olympic team members and rising stars. The picture and support message was retweeted by numerous followers of the Olympians including @phelpssquad and several high-ranking college swim coaches.

A year round community pool offers many benefits.  Not only is it home to these swim teams but it serves the entire community seniors and children alike.  Residents of all ages use and enjoy the pool all year round. This past year the pool was more popular than ever with over 128,000 people using the Pool.

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