Thursday, October 17, 2013

Letters from Supporters- Thank you !!!!!!

Here are a sample of recent letters to The Cheshire Herald from people who support the pool. They clearly show the positive impact this Community pool has made in our town. We really appreciate these supporters taking the time to make their voices heard. Far too many times we have been drowned out by those who do not know the facts about the pool. Keep on contacting the Cheshire Citizen , The New Haven RegisterThe Cheshire Herald , Cheshire Patch and The Republican American. The Solution to the Pool makes sense. We have to make sure everyone knows that.
Like myself, this author was using the pool for rehabbing after an accident. It is very important for the citizens of Cheshire to know how many different uses the "Community" Pool serves. It is critical to those of limited mobility, the injured, and those with special needs. This is a COMMUNITY pool !
Another great letter from the heart The Cheshire Herald Again capturing how the pool impacts us, our kids, our businesses and our community. I love the passion in this letter.

With the (United States record holding) Cheshire High School Girls team going to Hamden for practices and meets, the younger Sea Dogs heading to Waterbury and the older ones to Wesleyan (imagine having children from the same family in both pools at the same time) this letter in last week's Cheshire Herald rings very true. I particularly like the ending of it.
It is well worth a read