Monday, September 9, 2013

Vote Yes for the Pool Solution - The Fall Festival recap (with photos)

The Fall Festival offered us our first major opportunity to meet with our fellow Cheshire citizens to explain the solution to the Community Pool.

We had a scaled model of the proposed solution and we were able to show how the sides come off in the Summer allowing for a swimming AND sun worship. Our video showed the virtual tour of the facility. We were able to explain that the structure can sustain 130 mph winds and can support a snow load of 50lbs per square foot. We met a woman recently moved from Wisconsin who has been in these structures all over her state and who, as a new Cheshire resident, is voting YES with great confidence and experience.

We were able to tell them about similar steel tension structure pools in Mississippi who survived Hurricane Katrina, and Michigan pools that get major lake-effect snows. We talked about the Denver Airport being a similar structure.
People were delighted to hear about getting reduced operating costs by voting YES. We talked about the solution being able to be insulated to R35. We explained that the people who vote no to the solution are actually endorsing the current pool situation.

We talked about the cost being a mere $2.60 per tax HOUSEHOLD per YEAR. Most had us repeat TWO DOLLARS AND SIXTY CENTS PER HOUSEHOLD PER YEAR. That's it? That's it!.

We had copies of the business plan and showed people how the pool generated 600,000 dollars in revenue being open 70% of the year and we marveled at what could happen when it is open 100% of the year.

So many people stopped by or talked to us in the crowd. There were seniors who take aquafitness classes, little kids just learning to swim, families who go there all the time, the fit and healthy (and incredibly polite) swim team children young and old, medical professionals who feel strongly that it's a great health asset to the town, and realtors and homeowners who know that it keeps property prices up. All were impressed by the steel tension structure and look forward to year-round swimming. There were those who don't go to the pool but understand that just like the Linear trail, the Youth and Senior Centers, the Library and our schools that the Community Pool is a true "Community" asset that only adds value to our shared Cheshire experience.

We met so many people. We were able to do exactly what we set out to do - get information to the voters so they can make an informed decision. We are very confident that with that information they will vote YES to the Pool Solution.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of our day. If you have any shots of our volunteers do feel free to share.

Every hour on the hour a new team of us went out in the crowd, armed with information-packed brochures, recyclable grocery bags with our info, and answers to questions. We had some pretty neat tshirts too.

We had some familiar faces at the booth

It was great to have a model to explain how the solution works

We had the opportunity to speak to many, many members of the Community who stopped by.

We could tell by all the people in the crowd toting the blue bags and wearing "Vote Yes to the Pool solution" stickers that our workers were very, very successful! Thank you to our volunteers and supporters for a terrific day. Please continue your good work by talking with your neighbors and friends and getting everyone to Vote YES to the Pool Solution.